that good old reinvention

i have been talking so much about the changes in my life, lately. basically everything has changed.... i fitness routine.... my make-up

for some reason i have found myself getting little feelings of disappointment about being so different than i was.... for not putting as much effort into the same things (like doing my make-up for three hours before i when out, for example). and often when people see old pictures, i hear "that's not you!" but it was... at one point. even though i have changed so much in the last year, and even more in the last months, i do still love who i was, and i still love what i used to love. (ok... some looks were a bit.... i don't really know...... like that time i bleached my eyebrows... but it sure was fun!)

super randomly i listened to christina aguilera, yesterday. (who i used to looooove.... i still love her,but i used to literally ooooonly listen to her stripped album). i watched the interview on there bionic album, where she also talkes about how she (her look, her music, her attitude) changes with each album. and yes, maybe i liked her stripped-phase the most, but i will always be christina-fan... one of the reasons iiiis her reinventing herself ......and i can tell you, this reinvention is fun! (just ask madonna)

since this blog started some of my make-up looks have not made it to their own post.... so here is a little throwback moment for you....... (man, i used to wear a lot of make-up..... and it sure was fun


don't be scared to reinvent yourself and love every version of yourself.


i love ny (sorry... there i not better way to say it)

one of the few(!) reasons why i love new york is that you can (if you are open, that is) meet new people, in the most random situations. for example after posting this i met a very nice guy... rob, who had just moved to new york mere daaaays prior. remembering my own days as a baby-new-yorker, i could relate to him (and maaaaybe also wished that i would have met someone as awsom as meeeeee) anyway (to make a long story short not toooo long) over a beer i gave him my very personal secret not so secret any more nyc-recommendations. rob's request was "cheap good places for food or coffee around lower east side" with side notes such as "wifi" and "no restrooms...".

instead of this being a publication of my-list-of-recomendations... i will share some of the pictures i took during my last visit.

new york, october 2014, all photos by me


soft feline....

a classic cat-eye-and-red-lips look with softer more natural colors.

eyes: for the base that supplied a nude shimmer and natural sculpting i generously swept bare escentuals, bare minerals, eye color in bare skin on both lids. to deepen my eye socket very supply i added a matte very light light-brown eye shadow (in my crease) and vanilla sugar (also by bare escentials) (on my tear duct and centre of my movable lid). for the soft winged-eyeliner (that is crucial for the cat-eye) i first used a matte chocolate-brown swiss with a small eye shadow brush and then a dark brown, with an eye liner brush along the top lash row only. as far as my eye lashes.... i made sure to give them a nice eye-opening lift, by slowly closing my eyes at the same time as carefully pulling my lash architect wand, from the roots to the tips.

lips: instead of the classic-50s-red i chose craving, a soft berry tone by mac cosmetics, after lining my lips a matching lip liner.

have fun


laundry day... shanghai

remember when i told you about how shanghai reminds me of venice? this is why

shanghai, china... photos by me


the ultimate beauty secret

i have told you before about my girl-crushes / muses..... there are ones that i have short affairs with and some that will always inspire me and motivate me to boost my fabulous-ness.
one of them is michelle violi harper. if you know who i am talking about you might have recognized her influence on my make-up looks, from time to time. for everyone else.... here is a shreen-shot from a little instagram-conversation i had with here a whiiiile ago (that i was totally shiiiiiitting myself over, by there way)

anyway, why am i telling you about this, now? i was just on garance dores blog, and her last  post is a beauty minute with michelle..... where she says: 

"the most important things for beauty, aside from products is your happiness because that is what shows in your face. you can use as many products and as much makeup, but if you’re a miserable person, nothing is going to work. the other thing is stress......" 

and not i love michelle even more! because, that's exactly what i believe with all my "smile!" and "have fun!" stuff......